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Although the hospital started admitting patients in 1989, it joined Acıbadem Healthcare Group in 2005 and has been operated as Acıbadem International Hospital since 2014.

Indoor Area of 19, 000 m2

1Acıbadem International Hospital has 122 beds, including 26 intensive care beds, and 16 patient observation beds in an indoor area of 19, 000 m2.

Medical Departments

Cardiac Health, In-Vitro Fertilization and Breast Health services are rendered in the International Hospital along with kidney transplant surgeries within the scope of Organ Transplant Center.

The hospital serves patients in various medical departments, including Outpatient Chemotherapy Unit, Sleep Laboratory and Catheterization Laboratory as well as Neurosurgery, Thoracic Surgery, Nuclear Medicine, Radiology and Menopause Outpatient Clinics.  

Intensive Care Units

Intensive care units consist of general intensive care, open cardiac surgery intensive care, coronary intensive care and neonatal intensive care units. Emergency monitoring beds and post-coronary angiography observation units also exist at the hospital along with these units. There are 26 intensive care beds in the hospital.

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Flower: No flower is allowed to patient rooms and floors in order to avoid risk of infection. Flowers are first accepted by our personnel and they are handed to you at discharge. 

Visiting Hours: Visiting hours are 10.00 to 22.00 every day. Please do not accept children younger than 6 years of age considering potential health risks. 

Accompaniment: The patients can only have one companion. The visitors who are in the patients’ rooms after 22.00 are accepted as companion. 

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in indoor areas of our hospital.

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    STANDARD ROOM Mini fridge, television, internet, personal safe, and newspaper services are available in patient rooms which meet all the basic needs of patients and family members. There is also a chair in rooms for family members to rest.

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    SUITE Suites of Acıbadem International Hospital offer a sofa set in a separate section of the room to have companions and family members rest. Numerous services are available at suites such as minibar, television, private safe, newspaper service, etc.


  • Parking Lot

    Inpatients can use parking lot services free of charge (one car for each patient) at Acıbadem International Hospital. Parking lot service is paid for other patients and guests.

    A valet service is also available at our parking lot.

  • ATM

    A Garanti Bank ATM is present in the parking lot area of International Hospital.

  • Cafeteria

    Cafe APlus renders both cafeteria and food services in the hospital. Please click for Aplus menu.

  • Hairdresser

    Acıbadem International Hospital also provides a hairdresser service. Our patients can receive hairdresser service in their rooms or the hairdresser in floor 3B.

    You can call 0212 306 44 70 from your personal phone or dial 4470 from the phone in your room to get or schedule an appointment for hairdresser services.

  • Prayer Room

    Prayer rooms are on 2B floor of the hospital and they are designed for the use of patients with all religions and beliefs.

  • Heliport

    There is a heliport in the hospital for emergency conditions.



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Medical Technologies

All medical technologies in International Hospital:

Address and Contact

ADDRESS İstanbul Cad. No:82, Yeşilköy / İstanbul

PHONE +90 212 468 4444

E-MAIL internationalinfo@acibadem.com.tr

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